Category: Rainbows

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." ~ Lao Tzu


Thought I’d treat you all to a rainbow on the west side of the house this morning, as the east continues to be pretty drab and dreary. Sometimes we’ve got to hunt out that pot of gold. It’s not always just staring us in the face. TGIF friends!


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This beautiful display appeared just as I was speaking with a friend about a dream she had about her father, and a birthday card that he gave her many years ago …. He drew himself as a stick figure, on a rainbow, thanking her for her beautiful, resilient and relentless spirit … On carrying others forward into the light, and showing the way towards happiness.  I will always think of  my friend and her father whenever I see a rainbow, a bridge, connecting us in this physical realm with that which we carry in our hearts …  Much love, my friend, Bridge … Thank you and your dad for sharing this with me …

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