Yoga & Chakra Resources

A Seeker’s Guide to Samadhi

Yoga Sutras by Swami Rama (+85 videos / 13 hours of discussion)

Yoga & Chakra Theory
Natural Health Zone | Great site, with info & charts on Chakras, Meridians & Energy Healing
Chakra Color Overview – The Rainbow of Life
Chakra Locations & Acupuncture Points
Detailed Chakra Chart

Project Inner Peace | Another Detailed Chakra Chart

Elivia | Chakras & Singing Bowl Notes
All Good Things | Asana Postures as they relate to Chakras
Healing Crystals for You | Crystals & Stones for Chakra Balancing


Yoga Websites & Blogs

Yoga Journal | World’s leading  yoga magazine & on-line resource

Daily Cup of Yoga

Do You Yoga | 7 Gentle Yoga Poses Before Leaving Your Bed In The Morning


On-Line Yoga Classes

When I first started, on-line classed were few and far between, but the market is growing by leaps and bounds! |  Hundreds of streaming videos absolutely free of charge.  Namaste! | Free Videos from Yoga Journal | More than 200 free videos

More Free Yoga Resources from

Yoga Today | High Quality Classes offered at $9 per month

My Yoga Online | $10 per month

Yogis Anonymous | View before subscribing at $15 per month, or take in just a class for $5

Gaiam TV | Practice with the true masters, such as Rodney Yee.  Collection of the best DVDs, Spiritual Movies, and much more for $9.95 per month |  $9.95 per month | Lots of styles, including restorative and guided meditation + cooking videos too


Sequence Builders

Yoga Builder Utility (163 poses) at

Sequence Builder at

Pocket Yoga Builder iPhone iOS App ($9.99) (on-line app for $8.95/mo)


Printable Sequence Sheets

Astanga Yoga – The Asanas of the Primary Series


Reiki & Other:

The Healing Power of Your Hands – 10 Common Mudras

The Untamed Alchemist – Aromatherapy for Grief & Loss

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